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Main Activities

Our main activities include:

Investing on stock, qualification share, mutual funds, or other securities with voting right, in order to make profits, to take control of the firm, institute, or organization (including Iranian or non-Iranian) or considerably impose its policies solely or along with controllable individuals of that unit, to have that firm operate in the following field(s):

Extraction, production, and provision of metal and non-metal minerals, and other forms of materials and products which can be procreated from either raw or semi-raw minerals

Investment on securities as an investment company which observes the laws and regulations of investment companies

Financial Intermediary industries such as banking, insurance, and leasing

Rail and road transportation as well as port and marine services

Technical, engineering, contract, and construction services in mining and electricity industry

Operating the following activities with regards to investees who can work in the abovementioned areas.

Operational services in provision and purchase of raw materials and machinery for legal person investees

Designing, engineering, project guaranteeing services for legal person investees

Technological, technical, scientific, business, and economic probations and investigations to be exploited by legal person investees

Financing legal person investees through internal resources or other resources such as taking loans under the company or investee name but assured by the company

Codification and compilation of the general, strategic, and managerial policies of legal person investees

Investing on stock, qualification share, or other securities with voting right of those legal persons who provide the following services exclusively for the investees or other individuals, in order to make profits or take control of the firm, institute, or organization.

The abovementioned services

Transportation, warehousing, marketing, distribution, and sales

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Saba Building, Khalili Alley, Saba Blvd, Dr Ali Shariati Ave , Tehran, Iran. Zip Code : 1933814920

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Our Support Hotline is available 7 hours a day, Saturday to Wednesday, 8 A.M. to 3 P.M., Iran Time