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Mehr Azin Coal Co

Mehrazin Coal company was registered in 2005 and started its commercial activity in 2008 by operationalizing Nayband 1 coal mine.

It is worthwhile to mention that Mehrazin could achieve mass production in 2011 through using its resources and building its warehouse and equipping the mine, which helped the company make effective steps to obtain profit. Also thanks to its appropriate marketing policies, Mehrazin Coal managed to be the contractor of “Jalal” and “Jah” of Iran managanes mines Co., “Mine No. 3” of Negin Tabas, and hence used its full capacity to make more profits.

Office Address:

Floor 3-North, Tohid Building, Masjed Jafariyeh Alley, Mohtasham Kashani Street, Hakim Nezami Avenue, Isfahan

Telefax: (031) 36253015-22


Mine Address:

Mehrazin Nayband 1 Mine, Nayband Village, Tabas

Telefax: (0353) 4345200


Our Address:

Saba Building, Khalili Alley, Saba Blvd, Dr Ali Shariati Ave , Tehran, Iran. Zip Code : 1933814920

Call Us:

Tel: (021) – 28172000
Fax: (021) – 28172000

Office Hours:

Our Support Hotline is available 7 hours a day, Saturday to Wednesday, 8 A.M. to 3 P.M., Iran Time