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Salehane Ghadr Loan Instituation

Salehan-e-Ghadr Interest-Free Financial Institute was registered on May, 10th, 2003 and is involved in receiving deposits from legal and real persons as well as paying loans exclusively interest-free and observing Sharia practices, to satisfy peoples’ urgent needs. This institute also receives gifts to administrate it and opens deposits and checking accounts in banks and other financial institutions. Supporting and extending interest-free loan culture through encouraging depositors, satisfying the essential and fundamental needs of the society, offering services to people in need of job, marriage, dowry, treatment, house, scholarship, etc.

Address: Isfahan, Masjed Seyyed St., Golestan bus stop

Tel/Fax: (031) 32360620, 32352550

Our Address:

Saba Building, Khalili Alley, Saba Blvd, Dr Ali Shariati Ave , Tehran, Iran. Zip Code : 1933814920

Call Us:

Tel: (021) – 28172000
Fax: (021) – 28172000

Office Hours:

Our Support Hotline is available 7 hours a day, Saturday to Wednesday, 8 A.M. to 3 P.M., Iran Time