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Ehyaa Sepahan Credit Cooprative

Ehyaa Sepahan Credit Cooperative was registered in 2009 and started its activities on 2C09 aiming at expanding and strengthening public participation and cooperation, attracting financial resources from members and participation from staff, meeting common cultural, social and economic needs of members, contributing to the realization of social justice and addressing financial and welfare needs of the members including medical, marriage and housing costs.

Its activities are as follows: opening up different kinds of deposit accounts, giving loans and credit facilities and receiving interests under rules and regulations set by Credit and Currency Council of the Central Bank of Iran, receiving interests-free loans and credit facilities from licensed banks and credit institutes, receiving contributions, cash and non-cash gifts from the government and natural and legal entities, crediting the amounts in short and long term deposit accounts in licensed banks and institutes, covering other credit services for the members in accordance with the set rules and regulations and purchasing stocks from credit co-ops trade union 5 and government-guaranteed participation bonds. It is worth noting that due to the expansion of sub-companies, it is agreed that the number of members increases to 3500 people.

Address: No. 54, Next to Jafariyeh Mosque Alley, Mohtasham Kashani St., Isfahan
Tel/Fax: (031)36287654

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Saba Building, Khalili Alley, Saba Blvd, Dr Ali Shariati Ave , Tehran, Iran. Zip Code : 1933814920

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Tel: (021) – 28172000
Fax: (021) – 28172000

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Our Support Hotline is available 7 hours a day, Saturday to Wednesday, 8 A.M. to 3 P.M., Iran Time